Hand Trembler

Psychedelic, Progressive Dance Rock

Psychedelic rock has never had such an ally as Hand Trembler. With members Reese Hancock, Kreed Kleinkopf, JP Chastain & Cadom Skow they deliver powerful, dancey tunes & deep reflection to grunge overtones & steady beats.

Hand Trembler never gets stuck in 4/4, and they incorporate elements of virtually every style of music, progressing through melodic, danceable rock to bluegrass, to Transylvanian rap, to Latin soul grooves.

All of this is accomplished with a true Pacific Northwest vibe. You can feel the pine trees rustling in the wind, the rain falling down the streets of the city, through the rivers in the mountains to the wet, overcast coastal shores.

Hand Trembler's debut album entitled, "Circadian" was just released worldwide on Black Friday, November the 23rd, 2018.



Hand Trembler was started inside of a mountain in the Boise foothills at an abandoned bomb shelter around 2014. It has slowly evolved into that Paciffic Northwest sound that everyone loves. Our influences are broad from Radiohead, Modest Mouse and Tame Impala through rock gods of the 70's like Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd. We play psychedelic tunes with unique, profound lyrics that were gifted to us from the 4th dimension.

Our debut album, titled: "Circadian" was released on Friday, November 23rd at the Record Exchange and digital stores worldwide. 

Check out our first single: "White Girl Problems" on SpotifySoundcloud and in stores everywhere. 


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